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Placement/Proficiency Test FAQ

Korean Proficiency Test

  • The Korean proficiency test is online
  • The Location: Online
  • Registration: https://korprf.indiana.edu
  • First you need to know if you need Placement or Proficiency testing!

    What is the difference between Placement and Proficiency Testing?

    • If you are interested in taking a Korean Class at IU and have previous experience with the Korean language either from prior study or from a heritage background, you should take the Korean Placement Test to see what class you place into.
    • If you do not plan to enroll in a Korean language course, but wish to simply establish your proficiency to fulfill the IU General Education World Languages requirement and/or the College's foreign language requirement, and have a great deal of experience with Korean language, you should take the Korean Proficiency Test to have your proficiency level in the language certified.
    • If you are a native speaker of Korean or have near native fluency in Korean, you do not need to take a proficiency test, but can fulfill the IU General Education World Languages requirement and/or the College's foreign language requirement, in the following way.
      • If you graduated from a high school in which Korean is a primary medium of instruction, download the "Application for Establishment of Foreign Language Proficiency for Non-Native Speakers of English" form from the College of Arts and Sciences website and return the completed form and required documentation to the College Recorders Office.
      • If you completed the 6th grade or above but have not graduated from a high school where your native language is the language of instruction, submit to the EALC Department an official document-- a photo copy is not accepted-- that proves the completion of the 6th grade or above along with the Language Proficiency Certification Form (available at Department office, GA 2050).

        If you did not complete the 6th grade or above in a school where Korean is not the language of instruction, you still need to take a proficiency test to establish your proficiency in your native language. 

      • The proficiency exam can also be exempt if you submit official records of scores of one of the following non-IU proficiency tests:
        • 650 or higher in SAT 2 Korean administered by College Board.
        • Passing Level 3 test of TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) administered by Korean government. See http://www.topik.go.kr/ for more information on TOPIK.

    When can I take the test?

    • The Korean Placement Test is offered online at https://korprf.indiana.edu/. You can take the test anytime on any computer that has access to high speed internet with a headphone. You are only allowed to take the test one time.  A second-time attempt must be requested through the Department with a valid reason. 
    • The Korean Proficiency Test is given once during each semester.  The date and place for the proficiency test will be announced at the beginning of each semester. Please refer to the Languages page of EALC website for test date and location or see above.

    How do I register for the test?

    To register for either the Placement or the Proficiency test, you need to go to the Korean Language website at https://korean.indiana.edu/index.shtml to register online; there are separate registration links for the Placement Exam and the Proficiency Exam.  After you have filled out the online registration form, you will get a confirmation e-mail.

    Is there any charge for the placement test?

    There is no charge for any Korean test at the moment. There may be a charge in the near future.

    What is the format of the test?

    • The Korean Placement Test is an online test, with multiple choice questions. A supplemental written test may be given if needed.
    • The Korean Proficiency Test can be either online, written test, or combination of both, depending on situations.

    How long will the test take?

    You should expect to take about 2 hours to complete the Korean Placement Test.  It may take longer or shorter depending on your familiarity with the language.

    I have a class or other commitment during the scheduled test time.  Can I still take the test?

    If you cannot come to the test time for the Korean proficiency Test, please plan to take the test during the next scheduled testing time.   If there is an unusual circumstance and you must take the test sooner, you should contact  Professor Hyo Sang Lee in the department to discuss a possible alternative test time.

    What should I bring to the test?

    • You should bring a photo ID for all tests.
    • Please bring a pencil and an eraser for a written test.
    • Students are not allowed to use any aids during the test, including dictionaries, textbooks, notes, cell phones, etc. It is for the students’ best interest if the test reflects their current ability. Students may be given another off-line test if the students’ current ability is not believed for some reason to be reflected properly in the online test. The test is covered by the IU Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct.Dictionaries, textbooks, notes, etc, can NOT be used during your test.

    Do I have to register for the class that I test into?

    Yes.  In order for the Korean program to provide the best language learning experience for all students enrolled in Korean, it is important for you to enroll in the class in which you are placed.  If, after beginning the class, you feel that you are enrolled in an inappropriate level for your experience, your instructor will work with you to make sure that you can change to the right level.

    Will taking the Placement or Proficiency test earn me course credit?

    You should check with your academic advisor to make sure that taking test will fulfill your expected language requirements.  In many cases, passing either the Placement or Proficiency test at a level of the second semester of the second year or higher will mean that you have tested out of a language requirement.  In some cases, you can apply for special credit to get course credits for the classes that you tested out of. (See below.)

    How can I get Special Credit in Korean?

    Please see the EALC policy on Special Credit for full details.

    Who can I contact for more information?

    • Please contact East Asian Languages and Cultures at ealc at indiana.edu or Professor Hyo Sang Lee, the Korean Language Coordinator at korean at indiana.edu.